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Thank you for your interest in downloading the public beta of Peanut Butter PC 4.0.

What's New
You'll find the user interface has remained mostly unchanged.  However, the inner works have had a major upgrade.  Here's what has changed:

  • We've removed the need to install Adobe Flash on the computer.  This has traditionally been our #1 source of installation problems and support issues. 
  • Peanut Butter PC can now be run from a standard user account.  This eliminates the concern that junior could access the file system from a non-child-safe program like Paint.  Administrator privileges are still required for Peanut Butter PC to sufficiently lock-down the computer, but this is handled through the encrypted storage of admin credentials in a text file.
  • And for those that work with PBPC everyday... we removed the Peanut Butter PC jingle from the product launch :-)

Installation Options
Option 1 - Install as a 15-day trial
Download the beta to a new computer without Peanut Butter PC installed.

Option 2 - Install as a registered product.
Download the beta to a computer with Peanut Butter PC installed and use the same serial number as your existing install. 
NOTE: If you install the Beta into the default location, it will overwrite any current install the PBPC.  This is, however, easily reversed.

Option 3 - Install and run as your default PBPC.
Download the beta and purchase a serial number to activate the product.  When the final release is available, you can simply install it as an upgrade to your beta.


Provide feedback
Once you've downloaded the files, please provide feedback on your experience with the product's functionality to This information will be used to improve the product.

Please note that our support staff will do its best to help you with the Beta. However, response times may be longer than normal because of the coordination required between them and development.

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